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FTM Magazine 
The All-In-One Source for Female to Male Culture

FTM Magazine is a printed and digital magazine dedicated to the lives and culture of the FTM and Trans-masculine community. Our content is appropriate for all ages and touches on the needs of those at all phases of their transition.  Our issues are mostly submission based, we are proud to offer a spotlight and platform to the voices in our community that are ready and willing to be heard.  

We release quarterly, as well as an annual NSFW catalog for content more 'adult orientated'. Inside FTM, you can find sections on fashion, fitness, trending news in our culture, as well as new projects and highlighted community members. 

As this magazine grows, so will it's content and reach and we are nothing but proud to offer such a resource to the transgender and LGBT community. 

  • Entertainment: Oh the clever ways we come together.
  • Education: Helpful articles for every stage of transition.
  • Promotion: Films, music, events and community spotlights.
  • And More: Every issue we host the best of the ftm community between our covers.

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What's Inside?

Our current issue of FTM Magazine features three different covers to celebrate the creators of three different web series focusing on trans and queer issues.  

Seven King, with Eden's Garden

Emmett Jack Lundberg, with BROTHERS

Jake Graf, with Spectrum East

Also in our Summer issue:

Trending Topics

Jealous Brothers

Atlanta GA 101

The Trans 100

Michael Hughes

Jamison Green

Asher Torres

Lil One

and more

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FTM Magazine proudly featured on buzzfeed, huffington post, bustle, metro news, msnbc, unworthy