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Congratulations to this years Beard Master: Ace! 


The Second Annual Battle of the Beards

To submit your photo to this years Battle of the Beards, email your name and photo to submit@ftmmagazine.com from March 1st to March 8th.

Time Line:

March 1: Submissions Open

March 8:  Submissions Closed

March 11: Voting begins

March 18: Voting closed

March 22: Winners Announced

The Rules:

  1. Everyone must be over 18.
  2. You must identify as FTM or a Trans man.
  3. Photos do not have to be of you currently, but they have to be of you.
  4. Anyone who placed between 1st and 6th last year are not eligible to compete two consecutive years. 

What you win:

Unlimited Bragging Rights:

You, as FTM Magazine's 'Most Impressive Beard' winner in our second annual Battle of the Beards competition will instantly receive an unlimited supply of bragging rights granted to you by us and supported by the community. 

Certificate of Beard-Complishment:

A printed, framed certificate of accomplishment signed by the CEO of FTM Magazine and mailed right to your door.

First place prize winner only

"Billy Jeaousy" Beard Envy Beard Refining Kit:  

This unique Beard Envy Kit includes a hydrating beard wash with aloe and soy protein, an extra-firm, boar bristle brush and a styling beard control product with jojoba oil. 

What else?

Top 1-6 Beards: One Year Subscription FREE

Top 7-12 Beards: Current Issue of FTM Magazine FREE 

The top twelve beards of the FTM community will be featured in our Winter issue of FTM Magazine.  All twelve beards will receive our winter issue free of charge. The top six beards will receive from Winter 2016 to Fall 2016 free of charge.  


1 = Ace
2 = Aiden Jay
3 = Ethan
4 = Skyler
5 = Gabe
6 = Lex
7 = Kohen
8 = Eli
9 = Eli C.
10 = Lance
11 = Britton
12 = Aiden