A victim of lust disguised as love.

Ruled by sexual desires as the scorpion often is. You absolutely know that right answer.

A true test of your will. one that the ego guarantees you’ll fail.

As intoxicating as her body can be, her mind a grand masterpiece that bewitches me.

I’m not strong enough to balance the scales of responsibility.

If human life is a journey of discovery, then my own soul growth is top priority. Its so hard when she’s a damn dream, or am I choosing to remember what I wanted us to be?

You absolutely know the right answer.

Camden is a 27 year old trans person and visual artist. After serving in the US Navy he moved to NYC and is currently pursuing a degree in visual arts with a concentration in photography. Right now his focus is in LGBTQ+ portraiture and exploring, through photography, the many facets of sexual and gender identity. He hopes his work continues to not only challenge societies obsession with gender, but also to provide a source of education, showing that identity goes far beyond the binary.