Thank you for coming here to learn about us and our origins!


To provide the FTM community with a modern, up to date, News and Culture source. 


While flipping through GQ at a hair appointment, Jason R Ballard pondered the inclusion of the Trans-Masculine community in such publications, in any publication.

Ballard was raised in the time frame where the only information you’d see about yourself as a Trans Man was on Jerry Springer. A positive representation of us as a community was needed.

FTM was established after a successful fundraising campaign in 2013.

We release quarterly by season in print and include News on all members of the gender spectrum, Lifestyle articles on fashion and fitness, and pertinent history news important to the FTM Community.


Everyone that helps with FTM is part of our family. We look forward to growing that family with enthusiastic writers and influencers. 

Email for connecting, networking, and employment opportunities. 

Jason Robert Ballard

Founder & Co-Owner