Koty Ball

Dakota, or Koty, is a 26 year old transman who lives in PA with his fiancée, their three cats (Rory, Rooney, and Remy), and their betta fish (Aang). He is currently finishing his Master's degree in Community Psychology and Social Change at Penn State Harrisburg.

Community Father’s Day Highlight: Nick North and Rewriting Fatherhood

I interviewed Nick North, a Canadian dad of five, to learn a little more about his experiences navigating fatherhood as a transgender man.

Talking About It: “Mental Health” Is Not a Dirty Word (Part Two)

In the second part of a two part series on mental health, the focus is on helping the reader to see that they are not alone.

Talking About It: “Mental Health” Is Not a Dirty Word (Part One)

Here are some helpful things to try and remember when that inner voice, the one that takes all the toxicity surrounding mental health and tries to drown you in it, gets loud.

Love Your Mother: Ideas for Earth Day

TGNCNB-specific ways to celebrate Earth Day, every day.

Deaf and TGNCNB: Two Community Interviews

An interview with two people about the intersecting Deaf and TGNCNC communities.

How Visibility Saved My Life

"The number one person whose visibility I have to thank for my life, however, is myself."