Dean Alejandro

Dean Alejandro- "SoftServed Gentleman" is a 28 year old Trans Activist who was raised in central Florida, but is currently living in the Colorado mountains. He is a world traveler with his beautiful wife, and works hard to raise awareness within the community. Whether it's Facebook or Youtube you can find a base of support from this SoftServedGentleman!

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HOW TO /// Top 5 Tactics for Telling Your Team

As any person with an identity outside of the societal binary knows, coming out is never a linear journey, and often times it...

Dealing With Death In Your Partners Family.

Dealing with a death in the family is usually a difficult situation, but when being LGBTQ+ it...

Can you be transgender if you don’t have dysphoria? A note on the ever-growing discourse within the trans community

There is no short answer here, but the most important factor to consider is the discourse about what dysphoria is and what it means to have dysphoria, as well as what it means to be transgender.

Growing Up Intersex

Playing wiffle ball in the backyard, climbing trees, and playing with Star Wars action figures might sound...

Community Father’s Day Highlight: Nick North and Rewriting Fatherhood

I interviewed Nick North, a Canadian dad of five, to learn a little more about his experiences navigating fatherhood as a transgender man.

All My Close Friends Are Female – Here Are Some Ways That Can Cause Issues

For as long as I can remember, I have been much more masculine than feminine. However the vast majority of my friends (and all of my close friends) are fairly feminine women. Of course I have no issue with this, but occasionally this can present issues and complications that were unforeseen to me prior to coming out. There are three main issues; misgendering, dysphoria and a lack of male friends.



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My HRT Made Me Sick..

For the first time, I explain the battles I have gone through while medically transitioning. Remember that getting your bloodwork done and your levels checked may not be the easiest way to start, but it is better...

Why SoftServed?

Why Soft Served? I mean it's pretty obvious what it means to be a Gentleman. Although we lose sight of it in this day and age, it's...
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