Jason Robert Ballard

Jason is the Founder of FTM Magazine. 31 years old, from NY but currently residing in PA. He named himself after the red Power Ranger. Does the graphics, website, scheduling, events, and social media work here.

How to (+Tips on) SubQ HRT Injections

4 Easy Steps to successfully administering your Testosterone with the Subcutaneous method

Top Facebook Groups for Trans Men

To be honest, there are a substantial number of FB groups designed for FTM Guys. Some of them are inclusive to Non-Binary folks, some are inclusive to Trans Women and prefer to be dedicated to the Trans Community as a whole.

Terms & Vocab | Transition

Terms change as time progresses, let's keep a running list as we go -

SubQ Injections are as Effective as Intramuscular Injections, Study Says

chance the meaning of the article in a humorous way
A medical study confirms it - 63/63 patients studied by the Maine Medical Center prefer SubQ injections - But is it effective?

IM vs SUBQ HRT Injections & What All That Even Means

depicts needles and imagery of the article
A Medical Transition often requires one of two injection methods, so what's the difference?

FAQs About Transitioning with Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Visuallization of the concept of the article
Injecting a regular dose of Testosterone will cause characteristics of the typical cismale to occur, much like a second puberty. What else should you know?

Underwear for All! TomBoyX receives $18m from Capital Investor The Craftory

Cause capital investor The Craftory takes a stake in TomboyX

VIDEO /// How Phalloplasty Works

Phalloplasty procedures are growing more and more realistic. Here's the concept directed through diagrams and illustrations by Leo Mateus

FTM Magazine now available Digitally

Digital issues offer a great way to see the magazine at a discounted rate.

Inclusivity, accessibility and kindness |All Together Now! in new queer animated kids series

Spread the word! Kickstarter campaign launching to produce queer animated kid’s series, All Together Now!