Jason Robert Ballard

Jason is the Founder of FTM Magazine. 31 years old, from NY but currently residing in PA. He named himself after the red Power Ranger. Does the graphics, website, scheduling, events, and social media work here.
Trans masculine people are craving more expanded narratives and this is exactly the conversation that needs to be had
I am often asked by my cisgender (meaning not transgender) guy friends (yes I have those) what they can do to be better allies. What can they do to help guys like me fit and function inside...
Mazzoni Center is calling for sponsors for its upcoming Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference (PTWC), scheduled for July 25-27, 2019 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center
March 7, 2019 (Orlando, Fla.) – Today, The KindRED Pride Foundation announced a new global vision building on the tradition of “gay day” at Magic Kingdom®, which is always held on the first Saturday of June to Kick...
What's your favorite Trans joke? Use the hashtag #translol and share it with us on Twitter!
Colorado Judge issues first U.S. Passport with a neutral gender-marker. Feb 21st, 2019
Meet the man pushing for equal play on sports teams for all Trans individuals. Founder of You Can Play, and Nike Sponsored future Olympian- Chris Mosier.
For Marvel Universe fans, it probably comes as no surprise to see the Iron Patriot standing in a respectable military-esque pose, expressing his values. These values, aired nationally on Saturday Night Live February 16th,...
New... Ish? Hello! My name is Jason Robert Ballard and I am both the Founder, and now, the Editor-In-Chief of FTM Magazine. Let me...
When the adults of the State use their power to punish High Schoolers, we have a problem.