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Sam Henderson


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The Coverup

Scars. For some, top surgery scars are considered battle wounds. Wounds that document your journey and the adversities you’ve overcome to become...

Brix Schaumburg. From Actor to Activist

Brix Schaumburg, age 30, is a well known actor, singer, entrepreneur and activist who was born and raised in Germany. As a...

Strength In Refuge

I want you to keep these questions in the back of your mind as you read this story. What is your definition of...

This Music Video Features an All Trans & GNC Cast 'Ask me who I'm with, I'm with THEM" THEM by Flavia is a...

A Story of Determination

An Interview with Court Pineiro.

COVID-19 Mutual Aid Fund for LGBTQI+ BIPOC Folks

A Mutual Aid Fund was created on March 13th on GoFundMe by Amita Swadhin in response to the growing instability of funds...



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All My Close Friends Are Female – Here Are Some Ways That Can Cause Issues

For as long as I can remember, I have been much more masculine than feminine. However the vast majority of my friends (and all of my close friends) are fairly feminine women. Of course I have no issue with this, but occasionally this can present issues and complications that were unforeseen to me prior to coming out. There are three main issues; misgendering, dysphoria and a lack of male friends.

Is RuPaul Transphobic? The Complex Relationship Between Drag and Transness

Trigger warnings: Misgendering, transphobia, transphobic language RuPaul is arguably one of the most famous drag queens in the history of the art. This is in part due to his television series RuPaul’s...

How My Weight Contributes to My Dysphoria

From 'female' pattern fat distribution to clothes not fitting 'right - how weight gain due to Graves' Disease has impacted me and my dysphoria. TW: mentions of weight gain and dysphoria

Why is the Trans Community so Hostile?

What is a community? Well, in my eyes it’s a group of people with something in common, whether that be where they live, how they live, or an identity that they share. The word ‘community’ is often...