Brix Schaumburg, age 30, is a well known actor, singer, entrepreneur and activist who was born and raised in Germany. As a trans man in Germany he has made it his mission to remain visible and to help uplift his community. In this article we explore the life of Brix Schaumburg and see why we need more men like this in this world.

Growing up Brix was fortunate to be born into a very kind and loving family. As a young child he enjoyed hanging out with his dad and doing “boy stuff”. It was during this time that he was able to build a strong relationship with his father. He recalls these times being some of the most carefree and influential periods of his life. Unfortunately those fond memories came to a halt at the age of 6 when his parents divorced. Although his mother is an amazing woman and cared and loved Brix, this was still a big adjustment. Instead of spending every day with his father the visits were cut back to weekends after his parents’ divorce. Although many of the activities Brix participated in might have stopped, he continued to have the same “boyish” character. It was beautiful that nothing could stop him from being the fun loving person that he was.

After graduation Brix moved to Hamburg, Germany where he pursued acting at the Musical Stage School. He studied here for 4 ½ years and later studied at the Academy of Performing Arts in London for a year where he continued to work on his art.

Over the years Brix has moved at least 17 times and his travels have taken him from Germany to New Zealand, Europe, and the United States and has allowed him to travel and gain more experiences than most individuals could fathom. From 2017 to 2019 Brix went on tour with Nickelodeon for Paw Patrol/Jungle Book where he played Mowgli! He has been on tour for the past 4 years in total and has visited everywhere from Switzerland and Australia to Berlin and Zurich.

In September 2019 Brix participated in Broadway Backwards which is a show where top performers in Germany come and perform for free. Even better, all of the proceeds go back to trans kids and they were able to raise $7,000. Often times transgender children face a lot of adversity so to see Brix out here literally saving lives is inspiring and shows us how we should be making an impact in this world.

In 2019 Brix also performed for Transparencia which he recalled as one of the most emotional pieces he’s ever performed.

As if Brix is not talented enough, he is also a very accomplished drag queen. His drag stage name is Miss Cherry La Boom and he has performed at many different events. One of these special events he is most proud of was Pride! Brix was the opening act in 2018 for Pride located in Hamburg, Germany!! This is just another example of how he is up front being a leader for our community.

Here are a few of accomplishments Brix is most proud of:

2019: Received the Best Music Film for the short film InsideOUT

2019: Received the Social Media Award for the short film InsideOUT

Marrying the love of his life, Alina, on April 7, 2018.

InsideOUT is a short film that Brix developed and produced at the Manhattan International Film Festival

To wrap up we asked Brix to leave us with some advice for others. His words of wisdom are as follows:

Always believe in yourself. Never give up. Everything is not always easy. Try to grab someone’s hand who will keep you above water. Put your trust in the right people and keep going. At some point you will look into the mirror and be proud and say you love yourself. You are never alone. Even if you need to write or call someone. If you have no one please contact me because I’m here.

I invite you to check out It Will Be Fine, Brix’s new single that debuts today, July 1, 2020.

If you want to get to know Brix personally his details are below!



Instagram: @treesoul

Pronouns: He/Him

Dani Farrell is the Founder & CEO of Trans In Color & TBuddy which are two organizations designed to uplift and support the transmasculine community. He is also the Sr. Strategy Director for the National Trans Visibility March and the new Editor In Chief for FTM Magazine. As an active member in the trans community he devotes his time to helping those who are less fortunate. He currently lives in the DMV area with his spouse.