When You Need to Bro-Down /// 5 Events to Attend this Summer

Start looking and booking because Summer is HERE


Navigating restrooms while traveling can be scary AF. This past weekend I traveled from NYC to Virginia Beach by charter bus. I know it wasn’t going to be...

Identifying as Truscum is a Disservice to Yourself

Truscum... Say it out loud to yourself. True Scum. My first thought when I learned about this term was 'why would anyone label themselves something so vile?'. Well they didn't, 'Truscum' was...

Hilarious Video of ‘Trans Men Problems’ We can all relate to | Sam Collins

Binding? Hooking up? Shot anxiety... Check! Check out Sam Collins' skit-video on some gems of the struggle and hit that subscribe button for more videos by him.

Binding is Freedom

You'll understand the book reference soon, I promise! Just keep reading! As some of you may remember I...

How Visibility Saved My Life

"The number one person whose visibility I have to thank for my life, however, is myself."

The World Through the Eyes of Trans Men of Color

Passing is a short documentary that examines the experiences three trans men of colour face as they deal with racism and sexism in today’s society. Daily Xtra speaks...

A Lifesaving Shift in the Transgender Conversation | Ashton Colby

Trans masculine people are craving more expanded narratives and this is exactly the conversation that needs to be had

NSFW /// How to Take Care of Your ‘Mike & Ike’

Mike and Ike, you like that right? haha. Mine for one is about the same size... Anywho, welcome to another NSFW article by me where I attempt to coin...

MEET /// Chris Mosier, NIKE Sponsored Trans Man on Team USA

Meet the man pushing for equal play on sports teams for all Trans individuals. Founder of You Can Play, and Nike Sponsored future Olympian- Chris Mosier.