What’s Going On With Chase Ross and Aaron Ansuini

A brief summarizing of the abuse allegations Aaron Ansuini (and other corroborators) have directed at Youtuber Chase Ross. By Bryan Cebulski - Dec 20thTwitter - @BryanOnion | Medium - @BryanOnion

MEET /// Chris Mosier, NIKE Sponsored Trans Man on Team USA

Meet the man pushing for equal play on sports teams for all Trans individuals. Founder of You Can Play, and Nike Sponsored future Olympian- Chris Mosier.

Why is the Trans Community so Hostile?

What is a community? Well, in my eyes it’s a group of people with something in common, whether that be where they live, how they live, or an identity that they share. The word...
Photo taken at screening of Man Made

MEET /// Mason Caminiti, Competitive Bodybuilder Six Years and Counting

If you haven't heard Mason’s name yet, you will! Meet Mason Caminiti, the strong, inspirational, humble and kind-hearted transman taking the bodybuilding world by storm. Mason - The...

Suicide isn’t the answer, talking is.

I can't do this. It hasn't seemed to get better. I'm not meant for this world. No one would notice, no one loves me,...

Dear Mom,

Happy Mothers Day I Still Send My Love May 12, 2019 The last time we talked you sent me a text that...

Pride Journey: My Experience with Provincetown/Cape Cod

Driving into Provincetown for the first time was magical.

Ty Turner Dyes His Beard, Here’s the How and Why

"I know it looks super intense lol but honestly it looked better after I showered and stuff." - Ty Make sure you subscribe to Ty's channel for all of...

Wake Up And Smell The Trans Masc Hate

Imagine my surprise to click on a link that led me to a story about a Starbucks filled with Trans masculine and gender non-conforming individuals – my kind of people. I imagined a place...

‘The T Word’ Full Documentary | MTV

Hosted by Laverne Cox (star of the Netflix show 'Orange is the New Black') this one-hour documentary will take viewers inside the lives of seven trans youths who, until recently, may not...