Testosterone Cypionate | A Medical Guide

This is a summary and does NOT have all possible information about this product. This information does not assure that this product is safe, effective, or appropriate for you.

Be Counted | The 13th Annual LGBTQ Community Survey

Everyone who completes the survey by May 15th, 2019 may enter into an optional drawing to win one of twenty US $50 cash prizes

MEET /// Sahara Gentry, the Bodybuilder and Personal Trainer for the Trans Community

I got into weight and training at a young age, my father owned a gym in my hometown of Berea called “Total Fitness.” As a kid, watching those old school 90s bodybuilders was amazing.

SPORTS /// This Woman in the Record Books, Holds all of the Records that...

Growing up in a small town outside of the city, I was never exposed to people unlike who I was at the time. I wasn’t aware of what it meant to identify...

Identifying as Truscum is a Disservice to Yourself

Truscum... Say it out loud to yourself. True Scum. My first thought when I learned about this term was 'why would anyone label themselves something so vile?'. Well they didn't, 'Truscum' was...

An Update on Starbucks ongoing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts

"Every day at Starbucks we set out to be a different kind of company that champions Our Mission and Values rooted in providing a third place that is welcoming to everyone. To...

What Does STP Mean?

Models of these prosthetics range from realistic to actual funnel-shaped ones marketed to ciswomen in the camping section.

Hilarious Video of ‘Trans Men Problems’ We can all relate to | Sam Collins

Binding? Hooking up? Shot anxiety... Check! Check out Sam Collins' skit-video on some gems of the struggle and hit that subscribe button for more videos by him.

Transgender Representation in the Media | Declan Nolan

Declan Nolan will be speaking on transgender representation in the media. Declan Nolan has recently graduated Wayland High School as a senior and published his first short...