We Could be Awarded a $50,000 Grant – And You Can Help Make it...

Voting has begun and ends April 1st, You can vote every 24 hours! So please do!

South Dakota, SB49 is bullshit.

When the adults of the State use their power to punish High Schoolers, we have a problem.

SPORTS /// This Woman in the Record Books, Holds all of the Records that...

Growing up in a small town outside of the city, I was never exposed to people unlike who I was at the time. I wasn’t aware of what it meant to identify...

A Lifesaving Shift in the Transgender Conversation | Ashton Colby | TEDxColumbus

Trans masculine people are craving more expanded narratives and this is exactly the conversation that needs to be had

The World Through the Eyes of Trans Men of Color

Passing is a short documentary that examines the experiences three trans men of colour face as they deal with racism and sexism in today’s society. Daily Xtra speaks...

10 Things Trans Men Want You to Know

There have been a ton of things I wish I had said to those in my life over the years. Here is a list of 10 I bet we can all agree on.