The Ways that COVID-19 has Affected the Trans Community

This week, non-essential travel, retailing, bars and restaurants, and even state centers, parks, and buildings have closed due to the growing concern over the Global Pandemic virus, COVID-19.

Surviving The Gym

The Gym Scene can be overwhelming, here are some tips to getting through that so you can work out

New trans docu-series to film in Appalachia if Kickstarter goal reached

Powerful series highlighting trans mental health faces fundraising deadline of June 23rd. As soon as I heard about Climbing Every Mountain, I had to learn more. And once I...

Community Member Highlight /// Camden Ador

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS!!! Hey guys its Camden, I'm a new writer here at FTM and I thought a cool way to introduce myself would be...

One Man’s Story | Being Trans and Autistic

I started to isolate myself because nobody wanted to be around me because they were either confused about the whole “wanting to be a boy thing” or they had no idea how to help and understand a person with autism

5 TED Talks by Trans Men you should watch while you’re Quarantined

This should help with a few hours of time you've got over the weekend. Each video is more powerful than the next as Trans Men from all over talk about their experiences, philosophies, and express themselves through TEDx TALKS

Trans & Naked: My Spa World Experience

In this article, Dani - CEO/Founder of Trans In Color discusses his challenges with dysphoria and being naked around CIS gendered men.

COVID-19 Mutual Aid Fund for LGBTQI+ BIPOC Folks

A Mutual Aid Fund was created on March 13th on GoFundMe by Amita Swadhin in response to the growing instability of funds and welfare access to those most at risk: Black, Indigenous,...

Chella Man is a TITAN in Visibility | Cast as Character in DC Comics...

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Folks of all gender expressions - This is not the first time I've been reporting on the activity of Chella Man. The 19-year-old, Deaf, Genderqueer, actor and model who...

New SnapChat Filter Shows Facial Hair and Masculinization

Head to your app and press and hold you face for it to scan! Now there is an option to show off your five o'clock shadow and have your...