HISTORY /// First U.S. Passport printed with an ‘X’ as the Gender Marker

Colorado Judge issues first U.S. Passport with a neutral gender-marker. Feb 21st, 2019

This UK Based Binder Company is Fundraising for a Launch

Offering chest binders made with love in the UK. Made with recycled / sustainable materials!

Taking the Steps to a Better Mindset

Have you found yourself, wanting to express yourself, but feel stuck? Have you found it to be mindless work, or mindfulness. Do you see yourself becoming more and more comfortable...

Self care: What can you do?

Take a moment, sit down. just really think, what do I need? What are my wants? What can I do, to help myself? First and foremost, you...

Letters to your former self.

What would you say to your former self. What kind of letter would you write? I'd start by saying life gets better. Thank you for putting up...