Check out this Buzzfeed Video – 8 Things Only Trans Guys Understand

Not Using The Urinals

Urinals always seem to be for AMAB (Assigned Male At Birth) folks, or those that have mastered the art of Standing and Peeing with devices. These are tricky to get the hang of and sometimes don’t pass under inspection (Who’s looking?!). Most Trans Men aim for the stalls. In some bars and restaurants there’s only one of those available so you’re definitely going to run the risk of standing around inside the bathroom like you’re waiting to poop, or just leaving all together.

Usually Being the Shortest Guy

Lets face it, puberty affected the cisguys in ways that it didn’t affect us in time and the ‘females’ of all the species are typically 10% smaller than the males. This can feel daunting and cause some small man syndrome, just remember that loads of guys and gals of all sexes come in all sizes and shapes.

Getting Misgendered by Your Family

This can sting, and certainly cause some confused looks. They’ll get the hang of it, hopefully…

Always Getting Carded

When this would happen to me folks would say things like “Oh you’ll love it later” – Always looking like a child can be annoying, specially like in the video if you get your card taken away. The only thing I’ve found that helps is growing a monster beard but that’s not the path for everyone.


Back in my day… The community has come a long way with reducing the use of Ace-Bandages but this is where we’ve come from. Now there are tons of companies that sell compression shirts to help reduce the appearance of breasts as they grow. This is also the reason so many of us choose to get top surgeries.

Hookups are a Bit Different

As hard as hooking up my be for the cisgender world, the LGBTQ community faces a unique set of consenting and disclosing that within that acronym the Transgender community faces even harder. How do you go about telling someone that your sexual anatomy is a little different than they’re anticipating?

Always Being “The Cute Friend” (Even though your Swag AF)

Swag AF for sure, but the friend zone always stings when it’s someone you fancy. It may feel like you’ll always be small, cute, and never pas for over 21 but hang in there!

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