Ladies, Gentlemen, and Folks of all gender expressions – This is not the first time I’ve been reporting on the activity of Chella Man. The 19-year-old, Deaf, Genderqueer, actor and model who is rocking in both acting and modeling.

Reporting, AND receiving feedback. As just this week I received a heartfelt email from another Deaf Transgender Individual who thanked us, and said how incredible it was to see another Deaf person excelling.

I recently learned the key to everything. How can we best serve our community? – Be Successful.

Chella Man has been cast as a DC Comics Titan, Jericho.

Chella Man as Jericho

He’s lead the campaign with TomBoyX to support packing and pride in underwear in their Transgender Visibility Campaign.

Chella Man via TomBoyX

And he is becoming an incredible, successful, representation of everything he is.

“95 percent of characters with disabilities are depicted by able-bodied actors in television. The significance of his casting isn’t lost on him. He said it’s “imperative” to cast actors with disabilities for disabled characters.”  Says HuffPost writer, Kimberly Yam.