Hey guys its Camden,

I’m a new writer here at FTM and I thought a cool way to introduce myself would be a little game called 20 questions. After you learn a little about me, I want to learn a little about you.

If you want to be featured for our “Community Member Highlight – Twenty Questions” segment email me using the link in my bio, and we’ll get things started. You can find the bio and email hyperlink at the end of this post!

“I feel it, deep within my heart of hearts, that this, this is what I was born to do.”

  1. NAME: Camden Magnum Ador
  2. AGE: 27
  3. PRONOUNS: He/They
  4. My nickname is Mags
  5. My favorite baseball team is the Boston Red Sox
  6. I have a cat, his name is pooter.
  7. I am a photographer – Nikon all the way
  8. I’m 5’2″
  9. My favorite genre of fiction literature is dystopian
  10. Taste in Music: Electronic, Indie Pop, Folk
  11. I am a total coffee snob
  12. I love cycling
  13. I am the oldest sibling of 3
  14. I was a cook in the United States Navy
  15. I love to hike and spend time outdoors
  16. I have a pizza tattoo on my right leg
  17. I lived in Spain for two years
  18. My favorite color combo is blue and orange

19. What are some future goals you have? As a photographer I hope and pray everyday that I’ll be able to survive as an artist. I feel it, deep within my heart of hearts, that this, this is what I was born to do. Not to be famous, although that would be a nice perk, but to challenge society on all of its shortcomings, and to help instate change through my work.

20. What advice would you give to someone still coming to terms with their trans identity? You’re going to hear it a million times throughout your transition, but PATIENCE, patience patience. Easier said than done I know, trust me I still haven’t even mastered this one! What I do know, ITS GETS BETTER! I promise, and although I can’t guarantee you a timeline of how long things will take to turn around I can tell you, they will. Some people get discouraged by this statement, and I understand I did too. But we must also remember that keeping yourself in a positive mindset is where the healing can begin.

Camden is a 28-year-old trans person and visual artist. After serving in the US Navy he moved to NYC and recently graduated with his degree in visual arts. His focus has been primarily on LGBTQ+ portraiture and exploring, through photography, the many facets of sexual and gender identity. More recent projects include exploring spirituality within the queer community with hopes to create spaces for us to grow and rise up to our highest potential together.