For Marvel Universe fans, it probably comes as no surprise to see the Iron Patriot standing in a respectable military-esque pose, expressing his values.

These values, aired nationally on Saturday Night Live February 16th, 2019

Don Cheadle, SNL – Protect Trans Kids

Protect Trans Kids.

After the onslaught of systematic exclusion from laws and protections brought on by the Trump Administration, the feedback has been one of excitement, and gratitude for the exposure and public support for our most vulnerable community members.
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  1. Today my friend, Tito, told me, “To be or never to be?
    It doesn’t make much difference.” Is he right? From a perspective that considers the whole universe,
    the destruction of our whole solar system wouldn’t make very much difference.
    From the perspective of the very most recent Heisman trophy recipient,
    the destruction of his hip and legs might make a significant massive difference.

    Your friend could be considered right, just as… present more depends upon everything
    you view mainly because “making a difference”