Often I had asked myself what would help in preventing toxic masculinity. Even asked myself a million times on what can I do to help. Sometimes I tried to figure out how to bring awareness? But, often felt like I would be shamed.

Toxic masculity? By defintion of wikpedia.

” The concept of toxic masculinity is used in psychology and gender studies to refer to certain norms of masculine behavior in North America and Europe that are associated with harm to society and to men themselves. “https://g.co/kgs/KozjzQWikipedia

Throughout the years I’ve noticed a plethora of friends, lesbian, straight, queer, gay, trans, non-binary all bring up toxic masculinity in one way or another. I can almost guarantee at least one of your friends has. Perhaps you’ve been on the receiving end of the stick called toxic masculinity.

Tips to preventing toxic masculinity.

  1. Speak out. –
    Don’t let the toxicity spread
    Don’t remain silent in the face of it. 
  2. Let everyone equally express emotions in a safe way. This is 2019, we are in a new era, so please take the fragile toxic masculinity and squash it. Be a better person.
  3. Call them out, be that person they cannot stand a threat of their masculinity. Once a threat is in play, the anger will arise.
  4. Pay attention to the company they hold. You can become a product of a harmful environment. Give them a safe place, to be able to talk. Remember when you were young, be considerate. They are learning. Be who you needed.
  5. Giving up is not an option. For others and especially with yourself most importantly. Our mistakes, fails or just lessons learned can bring us to a point of not wanting to move forward. You have to.
  6. Squash stereotypes, judgments and most of all squash those qualities within. If you don’t recognize the parts you play even when not realizing can be harmful.
  7. Be open with your emotions. Talk about them.
  8. Every day choose to do something nice. For yourself and for others
  9. Last but not least. Realize with educating we can create a revolution and change.

These are just nine out of a million things you can do to help educate others, including yourself. We don’t notice what we pick up from others as times goes on. Emotionally mentally even somethings physically. I’m not an expert but I’m a different view. Hopefully, I’ve helped a bit.