New… Ish?

Hello! My name is Jason Robert Ballard and I am both the Founder, and now, the Editor-In-Chief of FTM Magazine.

Let me just say that it’s really good to be back. I forgot how complete I feel when I’m working at my dream job. And let’s be honest, how could this not be?

I’ve met more people in the last week than I typically do in a month! This community is so inspiring. Talking to people on the phone has always been a struggle for me, but everyone I’ve interviewed or chatted with I’ve felt like I’d known them forever. As if we were just old friends catching up.

Now to master timezones.



Thank you for being patient with me while I rebuild a few things. Before I took over, the website went down and didn’t get back up. And while that’s devastating in a way, it’s lead to a sort of rebirth.

People and resources coming together is where my heart is… building connections and offering opportunities, ya know?

There are elements from the past that I’ll be bringing back with me, events, graphic details and sections that were well-liked throughout the years.

The Trending Now Section, full of everything that happened since the last issue, shown below. If you had the original FTMs you may recognize it.

But one thing I don’t want to ‘bring back’ or continue is a feeling that this is a magazine for a specific color, sexual orientation, or body type. What brings us together under this title is our Trans-Masculine experiences and that intersects with a ton of other identities. It’s those cross roads where we’re able to learn and grow the most.

As the Editor in Chief, I know that the responsibility for diversity rests with me, to seek out Black and Brown voices and stories.

I have a good start with some of our potential writers so far.

The responsibility is also with me to keep cover prices affordable. For the first time in FTM history, the magazine is available on a sliding scale subscription. This means printed magazines for as little as $1 a month to those that can’t afford the cover price or cost, and an open payment option for you to choose your own investment amount monthly if you can afford more.

Our first issue to release with me as Editor in Chief is Spring 2019 featuring Sir Knight the founder of BLK RYLS Productions, and BlackTransTV. Expect it around March 1st depending on mailing time.

Sir Knight /// Spring 2019 pc: Faiella Photography

Also new, is the option to choose a non-profit from a list of Trans-Masculine owned or aimed charities. 5% of your monthly subscription amount will be donated to them directly. We’re still taking Non-Profit nominations at

I’ve enjoyed all of your stories and photos in the #ftmmagazine feed, the DMs from people I’d known in the past, and new connections to inspiring people and incredible causes.

Until tomorrow,

Jason R Ballard
Professional Transsexual