2013 |


At the end of 2013 a Kickstarter Campaign was launched by founder Jason Robert Ballard. The Online FTM Community and the LGBTQ Community of Rochester, NY gathered together to help fund the creation of this cultural resource.

At the end of the 30-Day Campaign, with 133 backers raising $5,180

2014 |


January of 2014 marked the launch of the resource website. Authors from all over the globe wrote in about their lives, their experiences, and their transitions.

FTM Magazine became a presence on Social Media platforms, obtained its BIPAD, and was registered in the Library of Congress.


Spring | The Founders Issue of FTM Magazine was compiled and printed, and was shipped out to the world. With the founder of the magazine as the cover, inside spoke of the founders of different FTM companies and resources groups.

Fall | The YouTube Issue, covered by Skylar Kergil, consisted fo the top 12 channels on the Social media platform. Videos that had helped a generation of Trans Men do their shots, talk about their lives, and share their story.

Winter | With the pioneering year of conferences, Atlanta hosted the first FTM Body Building competition and Fitness Conference (#FTMFitCon) and the magazine attended.

The champion of the competition, Shawn Stinson, was given the cover of the Winter issue in celebration.

2015 |


Spring | Community Influencer Aydian Dowling and Jason Robert Ballard recreate an image of Adam Levine done of UK Cosmo and the results are in the millions. 6.5 million views on the article posted on Buzzfeed. The image was the front page header of websites such as The Huffington Post, MSNBC, The Advocate, and more.

Dowling covered the Spring issue with talks inside of starting the now successful Non-Profit, Point of Pride.

Summer | During this season the film makers were making serious moves. Three sets of online web series' were set to release in the next few months so the magazine covered each of them.

Jake Graf of London releasing Spectrum East UK
Emmett Jack Lundberg of NYC with BROTHERS
Seven King of Atlanta with Eden's Garden

Fall | The New York Times and TransMilitary releases a Documentary Short featuring the love story and transition details of Logan Ireland of the Air Force, and his now wife Leila Ireland of the Army.
(The Documentary was later nominated for an Emmy)

FTM Magazine drove to Oklahoma to interview Logan and find out more about the issues regarding enlisting and service in the armed forces while being a Trans Man.

Winter | Laith Ashley becomes the first Trans Man to model for Calvin Klein

2016 |


During 2016 the company attempted to bring in more members to its Executive Board. As responsibilities shifted and spread out, we experienced a drop in production- unable to reach deadlines. The community was experiencing growing pains as well, as the Binary and Non-Binary Community split and formed.

After covering Fatherhood in a controversial issue cover, the magazine looked like it was closing for good. A digital issue of FTM was released, followed by one last effort from the original team to bring the publication back to life.

The magazine was handed off to members of the new Executive Board under the Vice President leadership of Aidan Faiella.

2019 |


After three years, the publication was once again up for new leadership and was looking to be revived. The original founder, Jason Robert Ballard took back over and has since been rebuilding and redesigning the magazine as a 2019 concept.

The website is now meant to house the best and most effective resources, and the most up-to-date and active social engagement. We've discontinued printing and are focusing the coming years on our online presence.