Subcutaneous (SubQ) injections have made a huge impact on the transitioning population as research about their effectiveness has increased. In a recent study, scientists found that both methods will cause the desired masculinization during a medical transition. The differences in the two are discussed here, mostly it’s the needle size, angle, and the system it’s being processed in.

SubQ are processed into the bloodstream through your fat tissues. They’re given at a 45 degree angle into areas of the body thick in fat, such as your stomach, thighs, and buttocks. Here’s how…

Step 1. Prepare for your dose

Assemble the tools you need to do the whole shot without walking around after things. It helps if you keep it all together in one spot (For some cool community stuff visit Stealth Bros & Co for a cool gear bag, it’s what they do).

Alcohol pads, your syringes and needles, your T bottle, and a band aid for after (extra points if it’s a bad ass one you wanted when you were a peanut).

Step 2. Fill the syringe

Unwrap all of your syringes and needles.
Pop open your T bottle if it’s your first dose.

If you don’t have an 18 Gauge needle you can pull the T out of the bottle with your 23 Gauge but you should try to only inject a needle one time, so ask your Dr for a script for 18G needles.

With said needle, stab the rubber top of the T bottle and hold the tip within the T liquid while you pull the plunger on the syringe out slowly. Pull the liquid past your recommended dose and then push the plunger UP to your dose instead of pulling down to it. This will push bubbles out of the syringe (don’t worry, it’s not like injecting into your veins, bubbles aren’t life threatening).

Pull the 18G needle out of the bottle and slowly pull the plunger down until the air bubble reaches the syringe. You’ll see it. This will help with how anxious you are about the lost T your syringe needle and cap took from you.

Step 3. Switch needles

Recap the 18G and twist off the needle. Replace it with the 23G needle and get ready for the next step. Both should be twist ons.

Step 4. Pinch, Poke, Push, Pull- RUB

PICK your injection site.
For SubQ shots you’ll find one of these areas the best.

PINCH the area you’ve chosen- about a 2″ area squared.

POKE the needle in (quickly so it doesn’t syke you out) at a 45 degree angle into the tissue you’ve got pinched up. You can release it slightly as the needle goes in if you’re pinching too hard or experiencing resistance.

PUSH the plunger so the T goes into your body. Use the t-grips to steady the syringe.

PULL the needle out of your skin, and then pull your skin around the injection area to the side (this method is called Z-Tracking and helps stop T from coming back out the needle hole).

Then RUB the area to help the T sink in to the tissue. This will help if it’s sore and help keep it from getting sore.


  • Some guys have reported having less pain around the injection site if they smack the area they’re about to inject into a couple of times. Science says this helps to nub the nerves in the area.
  • If you’re having trouble with the speed of injection, or not getting the needle in without pain and hesitancy, practice on an Orange. Science says the skin of an orange is roughly the same resistance of human skin.
  • Alternate injection sites to minimize tenderness.
  • Never reuse a needle.
  • Never give yourself more than your recommended dose without talking to your Doctor.
  • Try to keep your shots consistent when it comes to time and days of the week. Here’s an article on the importance of consistency.
  • If you’re experiencing elevated pain around your injection site, or you’ve failed to rub out the liquid and you’ve got a lump that lasts longer than 2-weeks, consult your Doctor.
  • Never inject T into a muscle group with a SubQ needle. A SubQ needle is intended for fat tissue delivery and would be released too shallow within the muscle fibers.

Here’s a Video for the Visual Guys: