Spread the word! Kickstarter campaign launching to produce queer animated kid’s series, All Together Now!

Los Angeles, May 18, 2019 — queer artist, educator and filmmaker Molly Allis launches Kickstarter campaign for her original animated series, All Together Now! Over the course of 30 days (May 18 – June 15, 2019) people like YOU will have an opportunity to donate and support the development of this crucial new show that deals with community, gender, and identity.

In a time when many vulnerable communities are under attack, we need safe spaces that help foster connection through our differences. All Together Now! presents a world filled with diverse characters and situations that provide young viewers and their families opportunities to explore different ways of being, thinking, and feeling. This is a show about a community of people with different gender identities, body types, abilities, family structures, and cultural backgrounds. Characters face life’s challenges by sharing their stories with each other, and building a world that celebrates inclusivity, accessibility, and kindness.

The main character in All Together Now! is Frankie: a 10-year old gender non-conforming kid, who uses the pronoun “they.” Frankie likes skateboarding, making costumes, dancing, and playing drums in an activist marching band. Frankie is at an age where big questions around their identity and body are coming up, and the show provides a great opportunity to navigate those issues with them.

My goal with All Together Now! is to cultivate hope and joy through greater representation in children’s media, so all kids feel proud of who they are, instead of ashamed or scared about what makes them different,” said Allis. “As a queer, gender non-conforming person, I realize that being a kid could have been easier if I had been able to watch a children’s show that was entertaining, educational, and had characters living outside of a gender binary. This could have helped me a lot as I tried to figure out who I was.

About The Creator:

Molly Allis (she/they) is an artist, educator, filmmaker and musician. Her work focuses largely on celebrating children and community. Allis studied directing and design for theater at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. During that time she worked with the renowned Bread & Puppet theater in Vermont, as well as Great Small Works Toy Theater Company in Brooklyn. In 2014, she received her MFA from the California Institute of the Arts, with a focus in Integrated Media. At Occidental College, the City of Santa Monica Cultural Affairs, and Kidspace Children’s Museum, among other organizations, she has created interactive installations that take people through imaginary worlds. She teaches children how to create stop-motion animated videos, build sculptures out of recycled materials, and construct puppets.

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Email: mollyallis@gmail.com

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