Thursday, February 27, 2020


$ 10 /post
An Instagram Story post is the best way to get a quick message out to our followers about a sale, promotion, or the launch of an item.
  • Up-Swipe Linking Available
  • Add Questions, Polls, and GIFs
  • Seen by Thousands
  • Limit 12 Per Day
  • Disappears after 24 hours


$ 35 /post
With a Page Post, your image will remain on our account for as long as the campaign, or as long as our account is open.
  • Brand Recognition and Longevity
  • High Impression Rate
  • Niche-Specific Marketing
  • Boosting Available
  • Up to 10-Frames*


$ 150 /15mins
IGTV allows us to host long videos and gives us the potential to create Shows, Guides, Reviews, and more.
  • Series Options Available
  • Boosting Available
  • Long-Term Impressions
  • Includes Page Post
  • Facebook Linked

What Now?

Once you’ve picked which posting option you’d prefer, you’ll be directed to a payment screen through our PayPal (You can use other forms of payment). Upon payment completion you’ll be directed to a screen to fill out information such as your Company name, Caption requirements, Hashtags, and Upload prompt.



Instagram Stories are images that are hosted on our site for 24hrs under our Story Tab. This is a low-cost, high-impression way to get seen by folks and stay on their mind.

We recommend hosting 3-5 consecutive frames that tell a Story within the Story. In addition to being able to mention or hashtag right on the photo, we are able to link to your account as a Business Partner and allow an easy Swipe-Up to take the view to a URL of your choice.

*Price is determined by frame


Posts on our Instagram Page are now part of our Online Digital Magazine. Articles, Features, Reviews, and News will be fully written on our posts that last our lifetime. (As opposed to our Story Posts that last 24 hours).

To have your company included on our Profile Screen means a lot to our readers. It means you’re a Trans-Friendly business. That you’re helping to support the community with your ad dollars, spending them with us instead of IG or FB directly.

The advantages to Page Posts are clear. Become part of the conversation with comments, track likes and impressions, and be listed as a Paid Sponsor.

Some restrictions apply, see contract for details.


Instagram TV is the newest and best way to interact with folks on Instagram. Videos range from 1:00 to 15:00 and give you time to build a relationship with our Readers and Fans.

We recommend producing a video that is high-quality and stands up over time as these submissions will be available to watch for years.

Series Options Available,