Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Want to Be Featured on our Instagram?

Our Instagram Account is Blue Check Verified.
We have over 85k Community Followers and we want to Showcase more of the faces and talent that makes Trans Men so great. By filling out the details below, we can get you and a bit about you up on our Social Media. Please fill out all of the information that applies and follow the directions for image upload.

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As we process requests for Showcasing, we may have a waiting list.
Photos and Submissions will be posted as they come in.

In order for your Photo Submission to be considered, please make sure the image is High-Resolution.
(Pixelated images and low-light quality photos won’t be accepted)

We reserve the right to ask for another image or to reject low-quality photos.

Please make sure you’re the only person in the image unless you have permission from the others in the image.

You will receive an email after submission confirming we’ve got your information.
Please follow the instructions provided to submit the photo itself.

  • FTM Team