Hello! Thank you for your interest in writing with us! Our writing team becomes somewhat of a tiny family and we’re happy to pull up some more seats.

There are a few quick questions we ask to help us get you writing in the area you’d prefer, and a space for you to tell us a bit about yourself.

After submission, you should receive information about logging in and how to make the best of your access.



AUDIENCE SIZE: A knowledge of the media is pretty important when writing for a largely viewed platform. We are no Huff Post by any means, but our website subscription base is now over 100,000. Which means that when we post anything on the website, it’s automatically emailed to all of our website viewers, subscribers, and RSS feed.

SPELL CHECK: Once it’s submitted for the first time, the email is out there. So looking over your article is pretty important. There is a spell check installed through WordPress, but sometimes things slip through. Give yourself time to read through it slowly so your brain doesn’t fill in the correct word on accident.

HOW TO ‘NEWS’: If you’re familiar with any social media, you’ll see a huge marketplace of shared articles. Sharing articles means views, and views are statistical currency in the online media world.

There are stories that run through all the media sources, they’re called Virals. Information that is so widely talked about that it’s on 5-10 sources. These are the types of things we 100% need to include on our site in some capacity.

Documenting all of the news that is already circulating is important, but generating the first article of the Viral is epic. Keep your eyes on the Facebook Groups, Instagram tag threads, and/or Tumblr feeds for stories. that pop-up inside the community that can be written about (with consent).

ONE-OFFS: In addition to documenting all of the news that circulates, there are a dozen writing forms that make us successful in publishing. Interviewing community members, telling our own stories, lists of advice or tips we’ve picked up, and things that aren’t necessarily Trans-Related but are important in the development of Healthy Masculinity and a sense of Brotherhood.

KNOWING RESEARCH FROM THEIFT: The easiest way I’ve found to make sure we’re never cut/copy/pasting or stealing another authors words is to read three different articles about the event, and pretend your telling everything to a friend of yours.

It’s okay to paraphrase, and it’s okay to source and link and use pull quotes, but we obviously can’t completely move an article to our site that was written by another without their consent.

REDUNDANT NEWS? NEVER: With your Author Login permissions you can see the drafts and posts of other writers here. As long as the featured image, and the title are different, we currently encourage the covering of the same story in multiple ways.

When Chella Man was signed by DC as one of their new Superheroes, it was big enough news for several articles in several styles. If someone has already written about the news angle of it, consider an interview (Only one of those at a time please, and run the outreach past your Editor to make sure five of us aren’t all emailing them at the same time), or a personal article about what it meant to you.

SCHEDULING AND DEADLINES: As a website writer the deadlines are much more relaxed. You’re not going to miss a print cut off on the web. However, readers come back for consistency, and in a way you’re building a brand as an Author.

Take a look at your schedule and see when you have time to construct an article every week for a specific time. You don’t have to write an article for immediate publication, we have the ability to schedule a post for release.

Print deadlines are the first of every month. If you’re interest in also writing for the print issue, please reach out to me (Jason) about it.




SECTION EDITORS: Our sections will grow with our article income, as more writers join up we’ll need section leaders. These positions will be hired from within and considered from the writers in each section that have taken that lead in their own writing and efforts.

When we’re ready to move forward with additional roles, an internal application will be extended to those that qualify.

GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: We are also always looking for people with experience in Adobe InDesign that can use our Issue Guides and Print Writers Articles to create stunning pages within our Magazine.

Print is not dead! And it’s a marriage of words and images that create this cultural piece.

To apply as a Graphic Designer / Layout Coordinator contact me at for the current Style Guide and Deadline details.