What would you say to your former self. What kind of letter would you write?

I’d start by saying life gets better. Thank you for putting up with the hell I put you through as a person to find who I am. It didn’t take anything away from who you were or who you are. I’d write a letter saying goodbye to my former self and thank them for helping me become who I am. You will have a heartbreak or a plethora of them.

If you could see with that pain and sorrow in your eyes. You’d see what I see. A beautiful handsome imperfect person. No person is perfect. You will struggle.

You’ll try to end your life. But, you will come out stronger in the end. You will deal with losses that are unimaginable. You’ll see things you have never wished upon anyone. You will be okay. Do not fall into the darkness. You will almost face death at the hands of another. But, you’re alive. You are here that’s what’s important.

Now let me say, I’m sorry for all the times I failed her. For the fights and endless nights of no sleep. I’m sorry, it will take you over 20 years to figure yourself out and making it known. Hiding and playing the roles of which you figure are supposed to be who you are.

Soon you’ll see that no matter how hard you try to hide her she’s there. Reminding you of where you came from. Don’t lose sight of who you are. Don’t let others push you down, or push you into the dark. You will rise above but, not with out a fight.

Every day we try and struggle to understand. It only takes one person to help you stay above water. That person may end up being you. You can always reach where you need.

You’ll find out people don’t or won’t always agree. You can always agree to disagree. You can always do your best. Work hard, put work into yoruself because others will when they see that your trying.

You will fall and your world will crumble but you’ll reach up and finally, a hand will reach for you. You’ll be okay. You’ll understand all the things you go through. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you.

I’m not sorry that I’m finally me and finally free. The journey and path I’m on will only bring me to bigger and better things. Sometimes when you look back you forget to see how far you’ve come.

What would you write. What would you say. Would it be something that can explain the unexplainable in the past or is it just a simple thank you. Soon enough you will figure it out. Not everything but somethings.

Remember that going to therapy helps with these unresolved feelings and emotions towards your former self. If you seem to find anger in the past. Make sure you work on the foundation to a stronger stance with life. You can’t build a house on a rocky, shakey, or crumbling foundation can’t you? So how are you supposed to build yourself with that foundation?