As we transition, we tend to lose friends, and even some family. But that doesn’t change who are as people.

Life has a funny way of altering it’s self from our former self. We look in the mirror one day and realize, this is not who I am. I am a man, I am born in the wrong body, I don’t know who I am, or where to start.

We tend to pick ourselves apart from the rest. Take the parts of us that stick with us as we transition, into our true selves. Not understanding why we feel this way, or why we were born in the wrong bodies.

Then we start researching places, asking friends, and reaching out to forums, or groups on social media for help. Even if we are lucky enough to start at a young age, in the middle of our life, or later in life we are still figuring out the little things about ourselves that we never knew existed.

I myself have struggled with all of these. It takes time, self care, and understanding to become who you are. patience is virtue, and the sun does shine even when we don’t feel like it is.

As time goes on, we see the good parts, the bad and the ugly to ourselves. Unfortunately, the ugly side is something we cannot turn from. Hence why therapy is a key item, along with your levels getting checked.

It can be a dangerous road we take, if we aren’t careful. You see lots of trans men and woman in the community have committed suicide, or try to. I’m here to tell you that it does get better.

Even with daily struggles, or family that doesn’t understand, know there are people who understand, and are there to reach out their hand to help us climb.

As I’ve written these articles, I’ve come to see a pattern, mental health is important for yourself, and others. By others I’m referring to the ones we effect around us.

Many see the “glow ups”, the changes and the moves we make. What they don’t see is the daily struggles, self fights, the intrusive thoughts, and for some at different points the gripping reality that they may not be able to have surgery, or hormone replacement therapy.

That doesn’t change who we are as people. Every guy has a different struggle, but similar situations. Every one’s path and transition is different.

I myself am no expert on this subject, but i am transitioning myself, and I am pre t. I was lucky enough to start my H.R.T almost 3 years and 7 months ago.

It hasn’t been a cake walk, and I won’t claim for it to be. But, know that its very much so worth it. Because, in some weird ironic way you find yourself and what you need as a person inside and out.

As time goes on, we lose the ones we thought were always going to be there for us. It stings, causes anger, distrust, feeling like your abandoned from the ones who said they’d always be there no matter what.

I am not here to sugar coat it. I’m here to tell you that in this time, you’ll find more support from those who value you as a person, not a gender. Yes, they will slip up, but if they are trying they will correct themselfs, and it’s okay to correct them in a healthy way.

If we get angry at every little comment, remark, or poke. We lose the focus of becoming who we are as people. I have let those happen, within that time, I begin to lose myself as a person.

If I can leave you with a bit of advice it would be to trust the journey your on. It will be bumpy, rocky and even feel like a hurricane. Trust this process. It is worth it.