My name is Azriel, you can call me AJ and or AZ. I am new to FTM MAGAZINE, So I just wanted to introduce my self a little bit first.

I am a 28 year old trans man and I also have MS (multiple sclerosis). Which is not contagious or anything. My pronouns are he/him/his.

I have been on and off of testosterone. Sadly to say I wasn’t very smart about it. I took testosterone (the safest way possible at least) from some of my trans brothers. Anytime they had extra I had to have it! I couldn’t wait any longer and my doctors just didn’t want that for me. Not all my doctors agree with me being trans, but they are supposed to be the greatest doctors for my disease around here. So I can’t just say well screw you i am going somewhere else. I need them. It’s not just that they don’t agree it’s also the fact they are not sure my body can even handle it.

So I did it myself and to me it was life or death, seriously. It could have potentially hurt me instead of doing what I intended for. Luckily (I think) I haven’t had any adverse effects I have only had MS related problems. But let me tell you the going off and on all the time has definitely affected me some how. I get such bad hot and cold sweats, I feel weird, my period is so off that when I do get it, it’s the worst cramps ever, and the sexual drive goes crazy and then I feel nothing at all. It’s so off and on and sometimes feels like my mental health may be affected as well.

Growing facial hair and being recognized more as a male is what made all of that worth it. I just wish one day that I will be on testosterone fully and be able to have my top surgery. Which could also come with a price to my body. Again though it just all seems worth it.

So that being said this is just a little bit about myself on a transgender prospective. My MS side is a whole other experience that will be an article in it self.

Also let me say, I volunteer for Meals on Wheels, and sometimes at a nursing home. I am still working on my website for MS, Trans related topics and mental health issues. I am also starting a clothing company which is still in the works so you will have to keep checking back for more stuff.

In addition, I’m going to be working on a page that will include resources, such as Doctors, groups, and any other tools to help others on their journey of self discovery.