MEET /// Chris Mosier, NIKE Sponsored Trans Man on Team USA

All Trans Athletes know the name. Meet the man pushing for equal play on sports teams for all Trans individuals. Founder of You Can Play, and Nike Sponsored future Olympian- Chris Mosier.

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Mosier is the founder of, a resource for students, athletes, coaches, and administrators to find information about trans inclusion in athletics at various levels of play. He also works with LGBTQ sports leagues to improve transgender inclusion.

He’s also the currently Vice President of Program Development and Community Relations for You Can Play, an organization that works to ensure the safety and inclusion of all in sports – including LGBTQ athletes, coaches, and fans.

Mosier made Team USA for the first time in sprint duathlon in 2015. 

Chris Mosier – Photo: Philip Lee

Mosier has spoken at across the world about inclusion in sports, his experience as a transgender athlete, athlete activism, and creating more inclusive spaces.

Mosier struggled with gender identity at a young age. He knew at the age of four years that his gender identity (male) and biological sex (female) did not match. He began his transition in 2010 when he legally changed his name, and then began to receive testosterone injections. By making this transition, Chris gave up his top ranking in the women’s category. Since transitioning, Chris has received overwhelmingly positive receptions from fellow athletes.[

Chris spoke about his experience with Chicago GoPride, saying, “Competing as a woman, I thought about gender all the time, to a point where it interfered with my ability to be successful because I didn’t feel comfortable at races. Now, I feel more able to focus and gender doesn’t come up as much.”

He is still interested in competing at the highest level, and in 2014 won two races in the male category and won his age group in an iron-distance triathlon, finishing 4th place overall. In 2016, Mosier earned All-American honors in duathlon.

He secured his place on his third Team USA team in sprint triathlon at the Draft Legal Triathlon World Championship Qualifier race, where he placed third in his age group. Mosier made his fourth Team USA team in long course duathlon in the 2017 National Championship, where he placed 2nd in his age group.

Thank you to WikiPedia Writers for the timeline below.

In 2011, Mosier was one of three finalists for the Compete Magazine Athlete of the Year award in 2011.

In 2011, Mosier was given an honorable mention by USA Triathlon for the 2011 USAT Spirit of Multisport Awards.[35] Mosier was honored for his work in promoting trans visibility and LGBT inclusion in multisport and his commitment to advocating for all people to have the opportunity to feel safe, compete, and thrive in sports.[3]

In 2013, Mosier was named Athlete of the Year[36] at the Compete Sports Diversity Awards in Los Angeles, California.

Mosier was named to the 2014 Trans 100 list. The “Trans 100” is an annual list of some of the most prominent and influential individuals who identify as trans and are actively working towards creating a better world for the transgender community.[37]

In 2014, Mosier was named as an inductee into the National Gay and Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame, thus making him the first openly transgender man inducted.[38][39]

In 2014 Mosier was also included as part of The Advocates annual “40 Under 40” list.[38]

In 2014, he was named 2014’s Best Personal Trainer of the Northeast[26] by Competitor Magazine.

In 2015, Mosier was honored by USA Triathlon as the 2014 Jeff Jewell Spirit of Multisport award winner.[40]

In 2015, Mosier was awarded the Sports Pillar Award from the World OutGames Miami 2017 at the organization’s Bronze Bash event.[41]

In 2016, Mosier was named Outsports Person of the Year.[42]

In 2016, Mosier was named to the Out Magazine OUT100 list.[43]

In 2016, Mosier earned All-American honors in duathlon.[34]

In 2018, Mosier was named as a Beyond Sport Ambassador.[44]

Mosier’s previous sponsors include TRX and Odwalla.