After hearing from several members of the community, I found one very specific commonality: finding a personal trainer who is trans-friendly. Well, look no further… I found you someone who has over 700 clients online and regularly works with folks of Trans identities to build the bodies they desire. She will even give you a 12 week program for $30…what a steal!

Here you will find a brief Q&A that I had the opportunity to have with 25 year old fitness/nutrition enthusiast and certified personal trainer (ISSA), Sahara Gentry.

Q: How did you get into weight lifting, and eventually into training?

A: I got into weight and training at a young age, my father owned a gym in my hometown of Berea called “Total Fitness.” As a kid, watching those old school 90s bodybuilders was amazing. I got into it [weight lifting] seriously after high school though!

Sahara and her dad following a workout together.

Q: How long have you been training for?

A: I have been training others for 2 years and training myself for 3.

Q: What drew you to clientele who identify as transgender?

A: I got drawn to Trans clientele shortly after I made my fitness Instagram page. I started getting tons of messages about achieving a more masculine physique & gaining muscle. I knew instantly I could help a large group of people & I was thrilled they wanted help from me!

Q: Do you find that there are differences to take into consideration when training transmen versus cismen?

A: When training transmen versus cismen there are no training differences – these men train just as hard and strong and they have even more of a passion for change. It’s amazing to see and I love working with them.

Q: Do you find that there are any differences in regards to nutrition?

A: As far as nutrition, there aren’t any differences either! When it comes to muscle gain/fat loss I just tell my “pre-t” clients that when they do begin T calorie intake can increase slightly because it affects metabolism a tad!

Sahara’s own transformation is inspirational.

Q: Do you have any tips for preparing for top surgery?

A: When it comes to preparing for top surgery I make sure to urge them to change any bad eating habits they have along with working out their chest muscles 2-3x a week! Eating low carb, high protein will help shed body fat overall & will decrease breast fat! Workouts should be focused on contracting & getting a full pump of the entire chest so they really burn of those muscle fibers to prompt fat loss & muscle growth.

Q: Do you have any tips for post-op recovery in regards to getting back into the gym?

A: When it comes to post-op recovery after top surgery everyone is going to be different depending on if they underwent keyhole, double incision & if they have drains or not. Doctors will have to give them the a-okay to start lifting above their heads again. But my best advice for speedy recovery is rest, ice & make sure to do your rehab stretches once cleared to do so! They help mobility return.

Q: Are you plans different if someone is medically transitioning versus not?

A: My workout plan does not differ between someone who is on “T” versus someone who isn’t. The science of muscle gain and fat loss is the same across the board for everyone! The only thing that would vary is the nutrition depending on their starting point and goal!

Q: From your experience, do you think a Trans Man can build as much muscle as cismen without being on hormone replacement therapy?

A: A transman can most definitely still build a good amount of muscle without being on hormones! When starting hormones they will notice faster muscle mass gains but before hormones there is great potential for growth still!

Q: What are your top 3-5 exercise recommendations for building a more masculine physique for our friends who wish to?

A: My top 3 exercises for a more masculine physique would be the 3 basic compound movements – bench, squat & dead lift. After these 3 are mastered you will have a better time getting down your accessory movements.

Contact Sahara for a personalized plan!

Q: Majority of trainers charge close to $100 for 12 weeks, what made you decide to provide your services at a lower cost?

A: Most trainers do charge close to $100 for a 12 week plan – and many don’t provide unlimited coaching like I do. I do this because as a 25 year old with college debt I understand what it’s like to be overwhelmed with all the info out there & wanting to better yourself. I wanted to be an affordable source of knowledge for young people. This is my passion when I wake up every day & I know if I put time & compassion into my clients it will pay off for me in the long run. I just hope the build a big community of people wanting to help each other be more confident in themselves. It’s never been about taking people’s money for me.

Looking to Contact Sahara?

Whether you are trans or cis, if you are looking to better yourself, give Sahara a follow on Instagram (@sahara_fit). She regularly posts her own workouts and nutrition tip, and if for nothing else…go try her bomb recipes! 

I can speak from personal experience; Sahara is a wonderful person and an excellent trainer, and she will always respond to your direct messages if you have any question! She can also be reached by email at

Hello friends! I am a 23 year old transgender man with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy looking to contribute to the LGBTQ+ community in a positive manner through writing for FTM Magazine and panel discussions for the Out Alliance. It is a passion of mine to educate those outside of the community to better prepare the world for our future brothers and sisters. I hope to bring trans* related topics into the health care profession to continue to broaden the medical profession for folks like myself.