Have you found yourself, wanting to express yourself, but feel stuck? Have you found it to be mindless work, or mindfulness. Do you see yourself becoming more and more comfortable with being who you are mindfully? Maybe writing was your thing, music, weight lifting or working out. As you read on you’ll get to learn some self care and mindful practices that may help you.

No matter what you find to be centering to help being mindful of yourself,it is the way one connects with inner selfcare.

Have you opened that journal that has been sitting for days, months, or years? Found that maybe life has brought some walls that need climbing. But what does writing and music have in common? It’s all mindful practice.

Every day we hear songs or read something that connects to us in different ways. It can speak to the mind, body and soul. Understanding what healthy outlets help with mental health and keeping your head above water, when you feel like your drowning.

If I could give one word of advice to anyone it would to believe in yourself and never give up. You may feel like your losing your way but your not. Your just learning about yourself all over again.

With music I never seemed to stray far from it. A Lot of guys turn to outdoor activities, working out, maybe a new hobby; drag, playing instruments or just writing to get what they need to get out. It can sure can get toxic when you don’t have an outlet to work with.

Many of us find peace in the things we love, but what happens when we lose our way? What can we use to pull ourselves out of this funk we call depression.

If we used just a little bit of that down time to reconnect with whats around us maybe that will be the light. We can talk till were the blue in the face, or even take up boxing. Does that fix anything no but does it help yes.

Mental health isn’t just something that is going to go away on its on. It has to be taken care of like a inner child. You have to nuture it, feed it (affermations), and find the fire in your soul and go with it.

I’m no expert and do not clam to be either. But, with having these life experiences i’ve been through maybe I can relate to you. Maybe even on a level you figured no one could.

I’ve been there, down out and just felt like nothing would get better. Eventually it does. It may take time to get there but it does. So do not give up. Because, you’d be surprised whose looking up to you.

As time goes on we learn self care is one of the most important items you can do for yourself.

” Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), created by Dr. Marsha Linehan, incorporates the practice of mindfulness into almost all aspects of treatment.  While mindfulness is technically its own component or module of treatment, aspects of mindfulness are present throughout the other treatment modules: emotion regulationdistress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness.” “https://www.mindfulnessmuse.com/dialectical-behavior-therapy/dbts-what-skills-of-mindfulness

So here are a few items I found that may help you out while trying to be mindful.


  • Start to simply notice your environment, thoughts, feelings, and sensations without reacting to them
  • Observe the emotion you are feeling or the thought you are having
  • Simply see it there before you, without adding anything to it, judging it, or trying to change it.


  • Now that you have observed, use words to practice describing your internal experience
  • Stay descriptive and simple
  • If you have been taught to ignore/belittle emotions, it can be difficult to be attentive and mindful to your experience
  • If you have difficulty, or if this feels unnatural, simply say to yourself, “I notice that I’m feeling self-conscious right now”
  • If you’re feeling frustrated or anxious, say to yourself, “I notice how my thoughts are coming very quickly right now”


  • With practice, mindfulness will allow you to more fully participate in your own life and experiences
  • Mindfulness will allow you to fully engage in every experience without needing to “love” or “hate” it
  • Practice simply participating in each moment as it comes – be here now
  • If you need to make plans for the future, then fully participate in making those plans
  • Allow yourself to be a part of what is happening without obsessing over every detail or becoming self-conscious
  • Practice letting go of thoughts like “How am I doing?” or “How do I look?”

What questions would you ask? What things would you do? What would make a difference in your life. What are your goals, ambitions and dreams? Hold on to your dreams, hopes, and ambitions.

Remember you matter. You are wroth it and your worthy of the love you keep giving to everyone else.