Powerful series highlighting trans mental health faces fundraising deadline of June 23rd.

As soon as I heard about Climbing Every Mountain, I had to learn more. And once I learned more, I knew I had do whatever I could to help this team and spread the word. The world needs this docu-series. You can donate via Kickstarter here.

Climbing Every Mountain will chronicle the stories of trans and non-binary folks in Appalachia experiencing mental health issues. I interviewed Director James Heatherly about what he wants people to get from watching the series and he told me, “I want to make people feel like they’re not alone and I want folks out there to be able to see a version of themselves and a similar life story and see that it can be okay, that there is hope in continuing on.

By sharing these stories, James and the Transilient crew are trying full swing to break down the stigmas around mental health and trans identities. The series is poised to become a full-length documentary and they need our help to make it all happen. Below you can view the full-length documentary trailer.

Fundraising has been the most challenging part of making the series and we can help by donating to their Kickstarter before June 23rd. As an added bonus, your donation will be rewarded with some rad merch from organizations like StealthBros Co, Transfigure Print Co., This is What Trans Looks Like, TransguySupply, and Lockwood51, and you can even have your name in the ending credits as a sponsor. Check it out and share!

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