Can you be transgender if you don’t have dysphoria? A note on the ever-growing discourse within the trans community

There is no short answer here, but the most important factor to consider is the discourse about what dysphoria is and what it means to have dysphoria, as well as what it means to be transgender.

Growing Up Intersex

Playing wiffle ball in the backyard, climbing trees, and playing with Star Wars action figures might sound like a typical American boy’s childhood. The feelings of wanting to be one of the boys, yet knowing that we...

Community Father’s Day Highlight: Nick North and Rewriting Fatherhood

I interviewed Nick North, a Canadian dad of five, to learn a little more about his experiences navigating fatherhood as a transgender man.

All My Close Friends Are Female – Here Are Some Ways That Can Cause Issues

For as long as I can remember, I have been much more masculine than feminine. However the vast majority of my friends (and all of my close friends) are fairly feminine women. Of course I have no issue with this, but occasionally this can present issues and complications that were unforeseen to me prior to coming out. There are three main issues; misgendering, dysphoria and a lack of male friends.

Trans & Naked: My Spa World Experience

In this article, Dani - CEO/Founder of Trans In Color discusses his challenges with dysphoria and being naked around CIS gendered men.

Pre-Planning your Fatherhood: A Look at Fertility Preservation in Western Society

In the grand scheme of things, a lot of us dream of being fathers and for some having a child of our own is invaluable.

The True Me, The One And Only.

Hello, My name is Azriel, you can call me AJ and or AZ. I am new to FTM MAGAZINE, So I just wanted to introduce my self a little bit first. I am a 28 year old trans man and I also have MS (multiple sclerosis)....

New trans docu-series to film in Appalachia if Kickstarter goal reached

Powerful series highlighting trans mental health faces fundraising deadline of June 23rd. As soon as I heard about Climbing Every Mountain, I had to learn more. And once I learned more, I knew I had do whatever I could...

The Power of Consciousness

How We Can All Create The Life We're Meant To Live Or at least the first step anyways. I am so blessed, grateful, and proud of myself. They were always right about the power of...

MEET /// Mason Caminiti, Competitive Bodybuilder Six Years and Counting

Photo taken at screening of Man Made
If you haven't heard Mason’s name yet, you will! Meet Mason Caminiti, the strong, inspirational, humble and kind-hearted transman taking the bodybuilding world by storm. Mason - The above headshot and featured image are Courtesy of Man Made...

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