Take a moment, sit down. just really think, what do I need? What are my wants? What can I do, to help myself?

First and foremost, you need to take care of you as a person. Taking that shower, brushing your teeth, any self hygiene that may seem more difficult more than not.

Run a bath. Yes a lot of guys take baths, and use bath bombs, or bath salts, or just some oils that infuse the senses. Some find it to be in that moment a perfect part of their day. Taking 30 minutes for you, it is not selfish, or ungrateful, it’s actually the opposite.

We can see from the years in the past that maybe just maybe if we would indulge in these self care actions life seemed to run a bit smoother in ways unexplained.

Do you see yourself as the guy who says eh, i don’t need to do this or that. I’m here to disagree with you, weather you want to acknowledge it or not.

Here are a few things you can do in everyday life that won’t disrupt your timeline of the day. Taking time to breathe, exercise, and eat. Also of times we forget the little things.

Choose a time during your day to focus on the things that worry you. All you need is 20 minutes. Take those worries and throw them far away after those 20 minutes. Anymore time than that and it becomes to much to some. Then the next day do the same. Don’t dwell on the worries, and stresses.

Secondly, taking the time to really just indulge in what your eating, Take a piece of candy unwrap it, feel it, smell it. Place it in your mouth with out chewing which I know ill be difficult, but feel the texture, tasting it, just focus on the moment, be mindful of what your doing. Now take a bite, what do you taste, and enjoy.

Each time you take that moment back from the worries and stress it makes life more enjoyable. Just take the time for you. I promise it, will make life a little more manageable.

I can only hope that this article finds you some peace of mind.