South Dakota is pushing back against High School Athletic reforms made in years past that allowed Transgender students to perform on the team of their gender rather than their sex.

This Senate Bill 49 (SB49) is scheduled for a hearing tomorrow (1/24) and was sponsored by Senator Bolin and Representative Brunner. –
The Department of Education was involved in a ‘redefining’ and determination of the word sex to mean both sex and gender earlier this year. (Google “Trump wants to erase Trans people).

The bill voids the existing policy adopted by the Association and states “for purposes of participation in athletics sanctioned by the association, the sole determinant of a student’s sexual identity is the sexual identity noted on the student’s certificate of birth.”

Further, “if no sexual identity is noted on the student’s certificate of birth, the sole determinant is the sexual identity noted on the South Dakota High School Activities Association Physical Exam Form that is completed by a health care professional at the student’s physical examination.”

You heard that right…

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