Terms & Vocab | Transition

As language surrounding gender and transitioning change, we'll be adding and editing this master list:

HRT = Hormone Replacement Therapy = The act of taking a synthetic hormone in incremental doses as prescribed by a Medical Provider to induce masculinization of the body.

T = The shorthand for the hormone Testosterone.

SRS = Sexual Reassignment Surgery = An umbrella term for all of the surgical procedures done regarding the ‘bottom half’ or genital and reproductive zones. Sometimes referred to as ‘Bottom Surgery’ – Which can include Hysterectomies (full or partial), Metoidioplasty, and Phalloplasty.

Top Surgery = A double mastectomy for the purpose of body masculinization. There are a number of methods such as Keyhole, Periareolar, and Double Incision.

SubQ / Subcutaneous = An injection method where the Adipose / Endocrine System processes the incoming hormone for HRT.

Intramuscular = An injection method where the Muscular System process the incoming hormone for HRT.