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The pets of our lives part 2


All these wonderful guys and their pets. Lets meet a few new guys, and their wonderful fur family members.

As time goes on we tend to lean on the support of a furry friend. At the end that furry friend becomes family and support. If I could give someone any advice it would be to make sure you are ready. Keep in mind these fur babies are here for you as much as you are for them. You take care of them, and they take care of you. I was truly lucky enough to have mine through all the hardships and struggles.

Every day I struggle with mental and physical health obstacles. Each day my emotional support animal helps me to cope with my past trauma. Let’s meet some guys and see what they have to say about having the love of a fur baby.

Lets meet Hunter and Duke

What is your fur babies name? Duke What does your fur baby help with, when you are having a hard time, or a rough day? He’s a great cuddler and helps with my diabetes by letting me know when I’m high or low How long have you and your fur baby been together? 6.5 years What advice would you give to someone looking into getting a fur baby as support? Let the dog pick you. You always know when its the right one.

Lets meet River and Piggy

Her name is Piggy 

What does your fur baby help with, when you are having a hard time, or a rough day? She knows when I’m having a bad day, and will cuddle me for hours till I feel better. How long have you been together? I adopted her at 8 weeks old she’s now 4.
What advice would you give to someone looking into getting a fur baby as support? To make sure the animal you’re thinking about will fit into your life routines well. Don’t want to add unnecessary stress on one’s self. Also to let the intention work for you and follow your gut. You’ll know when you found “the one”

Lets meet Jase and Diesel

This is diesel and he helps with my depression, or on very dysphoric days, I’ve had him two years and I would say if anyone’s looking to get a fur baby for the support they should definitely make sure they have a connection and bond well!

If you’d like to know more about adoption please contact your local humane society. Also, training may be available for your furry family member.

Let’s meet Freddi and Scooter

We’ve been best friends for just over 10 years. Scooter has helped me by constantly loving me, even when I couldn’t love myself. He is always wanting to cuddle and hold hands with me and rides on my shoulder if I’m not sitting down. He is literally always with me when I’m at home. Having him, helped me process through my cancer when I didn’t have humans to rely on. He is the 1 thing I fall back on when I feel urges for self-harm. I think of how me being gone would impact his life, and honestly, that is what has kept me from doing anything to harm myself for a long time. I truly believe without him in my life, there would be a high chance I would not be alive today. I would say if you think you want to, then do it as long as you are able to provide for yourself and the fur baby. Pick a fur baby based on bonding and on if you have proper time to give them.

Landen Reitz
I am a 34 y.ear old Trans male from Minnesota. I am currently a GVII Model, Drag king, and Free Lance writer. I also am a volunteer for a search and rescue of missing people.
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