The Pets of Our Lives | Part 1

What these guys all have in common is the love of a pet. I asked each guy what has been your saving grace when it comes to the pets in their life.

Everyday we fight a battle that may not be spoken about. Mental health and the transmasculine community isn’t often spoke of. I’d like to change this stigma.

Lets meet these gentlemen and the pets that they consider family.

Lets meet landen and hunter

“I have had him since he was 4 mos old, he has helped with my ptsd, anxiety, my physical health problems and mental health. If i didn’t have him I wouldn’t be here, he saved my life more than i can count, I may take of him but he takes care of me. I deal daily with the struggles of the past and trauma that has been. He has made me a better man.”

Lets me Alexander and Rathew
“My dogs name is Rathew. He’s my best friend. I live in Brisbane Australia but I’m from Seattle WA USA. I moved here a few years ago for a girl who ultimately cheated on me. Living in a country where I don’t know my way around or know a lot of people, I felt pretty isolated. This little guy came in to my life when I was at my lowest. He was my family when I felt alone. My comforter and confidante.”

Lets meet

Bushido and George.
“I come from New Zealand so there isn’t a lot of known trans people here and for many years I was cutting and suicidal, banging my head against things in autism fits of frustration and just generally not doing well in myself. My brother ended up telling me i could hand raise one of his pups and have first pick of the litter. It was Bushido that I got and from day one I was carrying him around in my hoodie front pockets.
A couple of years ago he lost his back leg, had to have surgery to get it removed and i couldn’t let him go, spent over 4000 dollars on getting it fixed. But he’s still my partner and I don’t think I would be here without him.”

Lets meet Daniel and Mattie

“Mattie has always been my little buddy. Little did I know when my wife got him 4 years ago for me, did I know how much he would bring so much joy and relief to my life. Mattie is a tuxedo cat, they are known to be more of a heftier breed of cat, which I learned within a year of having him, he would be great for pressure therapy. As a kitten he was always close to me; he would lay on my chest if I was sad, depressed or just having a bad day, he seemed to always know. Then as he got older he started to lay across my feet, which was very relaxing and comforting. I hold a lot of stress in my legs, but that’s probably because 10 years ago I was hit by a car and have intensive nerve damage. I truly believe Mattie knows how much I’m in pain. I’ve had other cats and even dogs throughout my life but Mattie is very special, he have always offered he’s warm and gentle natural to ease my pain and troubles. I honestly wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t have him in my life, the days when I hate my body, my life and I feel completely hopeless, he was always there, and this I am very thankful and lucky to have a wonderful furry friend in my life.”

Lets meet Ashely and Socrates.

“Socrates “Socs”, 11yr old got when he was 6 months and trained him along with a few others as a service dog. Im a retired disabled veteran that served in Iraq and came back with many mental and physical disabilities. My puppy is my son, my family, my friend, my doctor and therapists. I wouldn’t be here if not for him.”