How We Can All Create The Life We’re Meant To Live

Or at least the first step anyways.

I am so blessed, grateful, and proud of myself. They were always right about the power of consciousness. I never really grasped or cared to give my full attention into learning more. Now that I have, I understand, and I understand why before, I didn’t understand. Let me explain. I would always hear people say, “Power of the mind, blah, blah, blah…” and I thought, “I’m trying, but all this bad shit is happening to me, and it’s so hard!” This is called living in victim mode. In victim mode, even if we know our mind has the power to turn things around, we can’t. Because our mind is functioning at a lower frequency, it does not currently possess the power to manifest higher frequency realities.

Now you might look at that and say oh this is a bunch of spiritual jargon. So, lets subtract the word frequency and use a tangible example. Replace the phrase higher frequency realities with, “Positive things in my life or goals I want to achieve.”

If you have a goal that you want to achieve, it takes work, we all know this, but when we’re operating on the negative end of the emotional spectrum: guilt, anger, shame, anxiety, depression, we do not have the desire, or strength of will, to put in the necessary work. But we have to put in the work in order to reach that goal or get out of a negative situation we’re currently in. So…. what then can we do? What we must do, is take those negative emotions and shift them to the positive end of the spectrum. If we look at emotions through the principle of polarity which tells us that everything has poles. Sad is the furthest end of the pole, and happy at the other end, everything in between is a certain degree of those emotion.  So, when I say shift our emotions from the negative end of the spectrum to the positive, I mean just that.

“You must be in the right state of mind if you want to create positive change or fulfilling achievements in your life.”

If you are living your life in victim mode which emotion is it that is keeping you there? Is it anxiety? What is on the opposite end of anxiety? Calmness. You must consciously make the decision to not allow the anxiety to rule you, to raise yourself higher, up to the calmness, once you are there, the possibilities become infinite. That has to be the first step you make if you want to harness the power of consciousness. You must be in the right state of mind if you want to create positive change or fulfilling achievements in your life. As soon as you comprehend this, and more importantly, commit to living that way as much as you possibly can, we are all human and falter, then your personal evolution WILL begin.

If this message plants the seed in one person’s heart then I have fulfilled my purpose, I am so grateful for this life I live, and I will continue to operate on the positive end of the emotional spectrum. Thanks for listening, be blessed.

Camden is a 28-year-old trans person and visual artist. After serving in the US Navy he moved to NYC and recently graduated with his degree in visual arts. His focus has been primarily on LGBTQ+ portraiture and exploring, through photography, the many facets of sexual and gender identity. More recent projects include exploring spirituality within the queer community with hopes to create spaces for us to grow and rise up to our highest potential together.