This UK Based Binder Company is Fundraising for a Launch

Kickstarter Campaign manager Julie Cornelius of London, UK is seeking backers for a binder company ‘made with love’ out of recycled /sustainable materials.

From Julie – Firstly I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you.  My name is julie and I am a 45 year old single working mum to two wonderful boys age 12 and 19.  

Through our experience of trying to buy chest binders online we encountered a huge lack of resources here in the uk. With 2 of the largest suppliers u.s based and others across the water the wait time to receive the items was long and the purchases were expensive especially when having to pay duty tax on top from some countries. Also it was a major headache if they didnt fit.  There was just in general a huge lack of choice in the uk.  

Through our personal experience we were also made aware of how we could improve the comfort and how the fitting could be a little better when wearing certain types of clothing .  I decided to design my own binders from scratch.   I had no experience with sewing and design but I knew the material we wanted and needed to use that to us was for the best comfort and binding and after many attempts we came together with a combination of materials to use and a shape we think would be best to go with. We also wanted to source either recycled materials or materials that are sustainable.   This is a must for us!

 We now need to take this to the experts to have a professional prototype made.  Once this is done we can start manufacturing them.   I plan to offer these chest binders in a variety of colours in white, black and all skin tones.  

We have purchased our business domain name and our company is now called   

 We also now need to pay a web designer to start up the website and a photographer to professionally photograph our binders for the website and for advertising purposes.

I really want to increase the resources for people who buy binders and give people more choice.  I would also like to in the near further build a little studio so people can come and get measured up and view the selections and try them on in a comfortable environment.  

We understand that there are many different reasons why people wear chest binders and it can sometimes be difficult given the price and availability and honestly all I want to do if to give people more choice and provide them to suit all budgets as no one should be restricted due to their income when binding is so fundamentally important to them. They should be affordable to all.