When it comes to fashion and beauty the dominance of an exclusively hetero outlook is diminishing. Research by JWT Innovation Group claims that just 48% of Gen Z-ers see themselves as exclusively straight and TomboyX is strongly in-sync with this cultural change.

TomboyX exists at the confluence of two progressive trends in fashion and apparel: Ever increasing choice of size and increasing approval of genderqueer identity and style.

The business’ proudly queer roots and human design agenda say “we are all people”, regardless of where we fall on the size or gender spectrum.

Kings, Queens and everyone in between, TomboyX design for real human bodies. This is a brand that rejects binary beauty myths to create an aesthetic of comfort, confidence and self-expression. In place of toxic perfection, there’s a celebration of what makes each and every one of us uniquely beautiful.

The Craftory’s $18m investment into TomboyX as part of the Company’s Series B funding round makes them the largest shareholder and will help to fund product development and brand-related campaigns.

Fran Dunaway & Naomi Gonzalez, Co-Founders at TomboyX, commented: “We are very excited to collaborate with the team at The Craftory as we continue in our mission to design inclusive and gender-neutral underwear for our diverse global audience.

We are confident that their expertise in branding and consumer goods will complement our own creativity and disruption of traditional products.”

Elio Leoni Sceti, Co-Founder & Chief Crafter at The Craftory, said:
“TomboyX is a forward-thinking brand which tackles some of the biggest issues faced by society today and we are extremely proud to be welcomed to join the team as they expand their global reach and continue to design innovative sustainable pieces. It is crucial that
companies like TomboyX continue to champion self-esteem as we move towards a more open, progressive society.”

About The Craftory
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