To be honest, there are a substantial number of FB groups designed for FTM Guys. Some of them are inclusive to Non-Binary folks, some are inclusive to Trans Women and prefer to be dedicated to the Trans Community as a whole.

Here are the Top 5 Facebook Groups ranked by population and the environment inside of them.

– 16,000
Audience – FTM & Non-Binary Folks

Admin – Gabriel Reséndez
Creation Date – March 2015
Rules: No fetich/kink posts, No GoFundMe links, Yes Trigger Warnings

“To avoid spamming the group with the same types of posts, we have daily activities so look out for the thread posted by one of our admins (listed below) so you can participate. The activities are listed below:

Sunday- Positive Sunday: Comment on this post and something kind will be said about you. Feel free to spread the love and positivity to yourselves and other members in this thread.

Monday- Man Crush Monday: Post a picture of your crush/ body goals in the comments of this thread.

Tuesday- Tips Tuesday: Post a picture of yourself in the comments if you want tips on how to present/ look/ act more masculine.

Wednesday- “What Name Should I Pick?” Wednesday: Post a picture of yourself in the comments if you want suggestions on what your name should be. This is a fun activity for those who are having trouble deciding on a name, or just want to see what name they “look” like.

Thursday- Member of the Week- Gabriel chooses a member of the group to recognize for their contributions to the group and its members during the week.

Friday- Discussion Friday: An admin will pose a question/ topic of discussion on this day. Topics can range from fun things to hot issues in the group/ community.

Saturday- Selfie Saturday: A fun thread for you to post your selfies in!”