Organizers plan to continue workshops and host 2020 event

FERNDALE, Mich. — As the Transgender Day of Visibility approaches, two trans-led organizations, Transcend the Binary and Gender Identity Network Allianceare celebrating a successful “Trans Day of Artivism” event and beginning plans for another event in 2020 due to an overwhelming response from the community this year.

“We couldn’t be happier with the response from our community for the Trans Day of Artivism Revival this year, and we couldn’t wait to let folks know: We’ll be back next year,” said Brayden Misiolekco-founder of Transcend the Binary. “Our community has so much strength, resilience, creativity and perspective to share and be heard. We look forward to an even bigger, louder and prouder event next year.”

“Artivism” is an event first created by Transcend the Binary co-founder Darnell Jones to bring together art and activism. This year’s event was a revival created in his memory by two organizations who knew him well.

“The first TGNC Day of Artivism changed my life,” said Robert Zurenko, an artist with Studiowerq, who attended the revival. “It changed my life to be able to put on an event by and for trans people; to be able to celebrate life with a community that is so deeply threatened; to remember those we have lost and to imagine a brighter future they could have not just lived in, but thrived in.”

In addition to announcing another Artivism event, Transcend the Binary is working with members of the TGNC community to continue to hold smaller-scale artivism workshops throughout the year for the community to network, skill-share and have a place of belonging.

For more information about the event, please visit Transcend the Binary’s Facebook page