Watch us open the TransMasc Pump System by NY Toy Collective

The Unboxing, A Written Tale

Inside of a discrete cardboard mailer, there sits a green box with black and white features.

New York Toy Collective has produced a pump system designed specifically for the FTM Community. Whether you’re Pre or Post HRT the cylinder fits all anatomies under 3”. The package is also designed with us in mind, featuring the outline of a body with top surgery scars and the words TRANSMASC PUMP proudly on the front along with a Transgender Symbol.

Inside, carefully packaged are three pieces of equipment and one sticker strip.

First, the main mechanism.

Two fingers fit into the pulley-bar and rests against your palm. As you pull them together the pump activates and once everything is together successfully, this will be how you increase the intensity of the suction.

This piece also contains the release ‘button’ at it’s tip.

Next, a tube with an end that is bigger than the other.

And then, a hard plastic cylinder that’s carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and a plastic liner protection sheet. This is the chamber that will house the suction. It’s 3” tall and 1.25” in diameter. It roughly fits a human thumb, and has a wide flange base for added security and to help with the suction.

You’ll also find a strip of paper. A sticker that shows measurement degrees. This is to stick on the outside of the cylinder to measure growth improvements and to monitor where and how long or hard you’ve been pumping.


With the handle of the pump in your hand, attach the tubing at the end that isn’t a bulb shape.

At the small top of the cylinder (after unwrapping it from it’s bubble wrap protection) attach the bulb end of the tube. After this step, you should be able to test the suction of the pump system by creating a seal on your arm and pulling the pump a time or two.


When in use, be sure to stimulate your anatomy before your use this system. It’ll have a better affect on an erection than on a soft and unprepared body. Apply lubricant to the rim of the cylinder unit and center your growth within the pump. 

Start with just one or two pulls of the suction and assess the sensation. Be sure to stop immediately if you’re experiencing pain or discomfort. Press the air release to relieve the suction. As per the boxes disclaimer, don’t use if experiencing irritated or broken skin.

This system is safe to use daily, and repeated use has been known to cause increased growth and sensation during masturbation and foreplay.


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