FedEx is hosting a Small Business Grant of $50,000 and has nominated FTM Magazine as one of it’s could-be recipients.

When asked about what we would do with that kind of money, it was like thinking of what you’d do if you won the lotto, except you had to invest it into your passion.

So what would we do? Invest it into the community. Hire Writers, Photographer, and Graphic Designers from within the community that could be more than volunteers with big hearts. Solidify a foundation that would allow us to give-back, move forward, and thrive as a culture.

Voting has begun, and goes until April 1st.

You can vote every 24 hours.

It’s EASY – Just a name and email, no sign up needed.

Voting is only part of the requirements for receiving the Grant, but we know that with the help of our readers and fans, we can at least show up in their results for businesses to consider.

Thank you for voting! Please share far and wide!