STP is an acronym for Stand to Pee.

Prosthetic devices help to funnel urine flow from straight down, to inches in front of you. The item being called a Stand to Pee Device, or STP Device.

Models of these prosthetics range from realistic to actual funnel-shaped ones marketed to ciswomen in the camping section.

The act of standing and peeing may be achieved without an STP device through practice. A combination of abdominal tension, force control (like when you ‘super pee’) and angling the area around your urethra with your fingers. This takes a ton of practice and isn’t common to know how to do, but it is possible.

We recommend purchasing a prosthetic that has duel purposes. Our sponsor Emisil Prosthetics has the best in the market that can double as packers (flaccid, all-day prosthetics).

Here are some photos (They’re Not Suitable for Work or Public viewing)

In addition to these, it’s a good thing to be able to hold these prosthetics onto yourself. The Emisil Prosthetics are designed to medically adhere to your body with adhesive. But the Boxer/Underwear Company RODEOH that’s been serving the community for years has boxers designed specifically for STPs. Use the Coupon Code FTMMAG to save $5 off your Boxers!

Use the Coupon Code FTMMAG to save $5 off your Boxers!

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