When you think of self-care what do you think of? What is the first thing that comes to mind?

There are endless ways to take time for yourself. Some ways may only make sense to you and that’s fine. Activities that are positive and beneficial to your health (be that mental, physical, spiritual, or some other sort of combination) are worth trying at least once.

What ISN’T self-care is when you allow others to tell you how to do it.

People can give you tips and tricks on the easiest way to put your leg behind your head for that impossible yoga position. That’s helpful. Unless you’re me and then you’d just get stuck with a leg around your head.

It’s not helpful if you tell someone or you let someone tell you that something you’re doing for self-care isn’t “manly enough.”

If someone enjoys bubble baths with their favorite TV show and a face mask, good for them! If someone enjoys painting pictures of their cat sleeping, good for them!

Here is just a very small list of healthy “self-care for men:”
-Cup of coffee/tea
-Cleaning the car
-Reorganizing a room
-Playing video or board games
-Bubble baths
-Bullet journaling

Whatever it is that positively benefits you, do it.

Add in the comments ways that you recharge yourself and relax.