Summer 2019 is on the verge of here. The trees are green and causing allergies, the flowers have flowered, the grass is grassy. It’s time to start prepping for you Summer Events.

Now, not just any Summer Events are going to do here. It’s hard to navigate where to spend your time and money to get the best results, and the best results are, to me; Friends that last until the following years events.

Here is my list of places I’m looking and booking for the next couples of months.

Capital Trans Pride

May 18 – 19 | Washington DC puts on a special day for all things Trans. Instead of grouping it all in together in one day of Pride events, the Capital of the good old U.S. of A has a weekend of celebration, workshops, networking, and panel discussions for the Transgender Community. This means the locals, which includes almost all of the East Coast right?, will be there.

Follow them on Instagram for more information, or visit the website.

Colorado Backpacking

June 16 | Denver, CO This trip, I’m really looking forward to… A full weekend of hiking, camping, and nature with the best of the community (the outdoors type). The Venture Out Project has a ton of awesome trips this summer, but this one is exclusively Trans/GNC so you’re likely to get some Bro time.

It offers access to total beginners to seasoned backpackers on this Rocky Mountain adventure. You’ll learn the foundational skills of packing, map reading, camp set-up, backcountry cooking, and get to  sleep under the stars!

Sleep under the stars!

Grab more info here.

Pride!…. But which one???

June | Everywhere It really depends on where you live and where/how far you’re willing to travel. A lot of the big cities are scheduled all on the same day (June 9th-ish) so here is a full list of LGBT Pride Events for 2019.

The Philly Conference

July 25-27 | Philadelphia, PA There has been a lot of talk about this conference this year… Is it still going? What’s going on with the date? It used to be the very last weekend of May but now it’s the end of July and it’s still one of the biggest conference when it comes to Trans-Masculine meet-ups and attendance.

This is a conference that is made better by the people who attend every year. It’s an annual hang-out with all your friends that live too far to see all the time and has a ton of things to do during and after each conference day.

More Info

Camp Lost Boys | Young Bucks

August 30 | Elbert, CO Camp Lost Boys is the best well-kept secret as far as Bro time and Nature and just being yourself. This year over Labor Day weekend (The one in September) they’re hosting a camp session called Young Bucks and Stags. Designed to get some intergenerational advice and brotherhood happening.

It’s in Elbert, Co and registration closes soon so get on deciding. This is an annual set of events so subscribe to their Newsletter to get more information about upcoming Camps.

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